Why Use Metric Fasteners In Your Parts?

30 September 2022
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If you currently use fasteners with imperial measurements on your parts, then you should consider switching to metric products. What are the benefits to your business?

Sell Your Parts Around the World

Imperial fasteners aren't used all over the world. Fasteners with metric measurements are more common. While you might be able to export your parts to other countries with imperial fasteners in place, your parts might not be as attractive as competitive options that have already made the switch.

Foreign manufacturers and buyers might prefer to buy standardized parts for their products. If they use metric measurements and parts themselves, then they might not want to buy parts that don't conform to this system. It makes no sense to have a product that contains a mix of the two measurements.

Plus, metric parts work better in the long term. If an overseas consumer or manufacturer needs to tighten, remove, or replace a fastener in the future, then they might need special tools to work on imperial fasteners. If you switch to metric, then they'll already have the tools they need.

So, metric fasteners might bring your parts up to speed with overseas manufacturing requirements. You could boost your global orders by making this simple switch.

Avoid Problems With Outsourced Overseas Manufacturing

If you outsource work on some parts of your products to overseas manufacturers, then you have to ensure that they deliver parts that completely meet your specification. This isn't always easy if you work with imperial fasteners and they are used to working with metric ones.

If a company is located in an area that hasn't used imperial measurement for years, then your contacts might not understand how this system works. They might have to make difficult conversions to meet your specifications.

So, they might misjudge measurements in inches when they usually work in centimeters. If they make mistakes, then your parts won't work for you. Your partner company will waste time trying to get things right. Your orders could take longer to be ready. This could affect your own supply chain.

If you work in a common metric system, then your overseas partners will know exactly what they are doing. They can work accurately and they can work fast because they can use easily available fasteners. They don't need to make conversions or adjust their specifications to meet fastener measurements.

To get started, talk to your suppliers about metric fasteners.