Six Reasons Why You Need Copy Repair So Frequently At Your Office

17 January 2022
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When you need copy machine repair at your office, it can often put your company behind schedule. It can also cost you money when you need repairs done on your copy machine frequently. That's why it's important to minimize repair needs as much as possible. 

If you feel that you need copy repair more often than you should, it's important to determine why so that you can correct the issue. The following are six possible reasons why you need copy repair so frequently at your office. 

Your staff members aren't adequately trained on how to use your copy machine

Improper copy machine use can easily lead to frequent repair needs. Make sure that your staff members are all trained on how to use your copy machine properly to prevent frequent copy machine repair needs. 

You're using an old copy machine that needs to be completely replaced

Eventually, a copy machine will wear out and need to be replaced. Copy machine repair needs that are more frequent than usual are a good indication that it might be best to just completely replace some or all of your equipment. 

Your copy machine isn't being properly maintained

Copy machines need to be maintained or malfunctions leading to repair need become highly likely. Read the instruction manual for your copy machine and make note of any needed maintenance.

Some of the most common maintenance needs of copy machine models include cleaning parts such as the drum and oiling parts such as the fuser. Get on a maintenance schedule and stick to it so you know that all of these procedures are being carried out as necessary. 

You're using the wrong type of paper

Many copy machine models are designed to be used with a specific type of paper. If you don't use paper that is the correct size and thickness, repair needs will be more likely. Read that manual that came with your copy machine to check about any paper specifications. 

You're keeping your copy machine turned on all the time

You might want to turn your copy machine off when it's not in use. A copy machine that is left on all the time might be more likely to require repair due to issues like frequent overheating.

In addition to helping minimize repair needs, turning your copy machine off periodically could also bring down office electric costs. 

You do your own DIY repairs

One of the biggest mistakes that can lead to frequent repair needs is doing your own repairs rather than relying on a professional copy machine repair service.

Professional repair technicians will know how to fix malfunctions once and for all so that you're not constantly facing new problems and malfunctions with copy machine use. 

Contact a local copier repair company to learn more.