Outstanding Reasons To Opt For Residential Heating Oil

29 November 2021
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Heating ensures your entire household is warm and cozy during cold seasons like winter. By doing that, it helps your loved ones stay safe from numerous cold-related problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and hypothermia. Moreover, temperature problems can aggravate moisture and dampness, which encourage mold growth. Mold is detrimental since it causes structural damage and allergy flare-ups. Fortunately, you can now ensure your home is comfortable and in optimal condition using residential heating oil. If you need to know more about this heating solution and why it's essential, this piece is for you.

Essentials of Residential Heating Oil

Residential heating oil refers to any petroleum product used for heating in a residential setting. This type of oil is a distillate, just like diesel fuel. That means heating oil is a product of crude oil distillation. Residential heating oil is mainly used to fuel boilers and furnaces. The two most common types of heating oils available today are kerosene and gas oil. But kerosene is primarily used in residential heating.

Reasons to Use Residential Heating Oil

The main reasons to use residential heating oil include:

1. Affordability

Residential heating oil is one of the most affordable fuel sources. And, since heating costs contribute to high monthly budgets in many homes, this alternative heating fuel is a godsend for anyone that wants to cut expenses and save money. But note that the price of heating oil is influenced by numerous factors, including changes in the price of crude oil and regional operating costs.

2. Cleanliness

Heating oil gets cleaner with passing years. At the moment, the technologies used in residential heating enable oil burners to produce near-zero emissions. That means you can expect no dirt, soot, or off-putting smell when you use newer and advanced oil heating systems. Besides, residential heating oil is biodegradable, non-toxic, and contains no known carcinogens. Therefore, by using this type of fuel, you play your part in controlling pollution.

3. Efficiency and reliability

Modern oil burners provide one of the hottest flames known to man. That is why residential heating oil is considered ideal for any homeowner needing a fast heating solution that consumes less fuel. Moreover, heating oil has unrivaled reliability since it's possible to store it in oil tanks, which allows you to control your usage and supply.

4. Safety

One of the outstanding qualities of residential heating oil is that it is non-explosive. So, if anyone accidentally drops a match in your tank, it will go out rather than result in a disastrous explosion. The only way to ignite this fuel type involves using the advanced burning system available in your residential furnace or oil burner. Moreover, since newer oil heating systems decimate emissions, they are ideal for safeguarding your entire household's health. 

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