Features To Get In Tissue Perforation Blades

29 September 2021
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In order to create perforated markings in tissue paper to make it easier to tear off sections, tissue perforation blades are needed. They're instrumental to manufacturing tissue materials on any scale. If you go after these features, your tissue perforation blades will give you stress-free experiences.

Long Blade Life

One of your main goals when getting tissue perforation blades should be to get as many years out of them as you can. You can then keep using the same perforation blades when working with tissue materials, saving you costly replacements and drawn-out downtimes that can be costly as well.

You need tissue perforation blades that are made from long-lasting materials like steel. You might even have a protective coating put on the steel to ensure it lasts even longer compared to its natural state. Finally, work with a manufacturer that has the capabilities of creating long-lasting blades for tissue perforation purposes in particular.

Black Oxide Coating

It's important to spot signs of wear early when using tissue perforation blades because then you can plan for a replacement at the right time. That will keep tissue perforation blades constantly in stock, preventing your operations from coming to a stop because you run out.

It will be a lot easier to determine when tissue perforation blades are wearing down when you make sure they're coated with black oxide. As the blades begin to wear down around different areas, the black oxide coating will start coming off. That lets you easily see visible signs of wear and then you can prepare for replacements better.

Consistent Cutting Quality

When it comes to putting perforation marks in tissue paper, consistency is key. You need to be able to consistently put in the same perforation markings that go to the right depth and have the same spacing. You can achieve these results when you make sure your tissue perforation blades offer consistent cutting quality.

You won't have to second-guess this attribute if you see tissue perforation blades work in real-time. For instance, you might see if a manufacturer can provide live demonstrations of the blades to show the cutting quality they're capable of providing.

Tissue paper requires perforation markings in order for sections to separate smoothly. You can achieve these marks using tissue perforation blades, which won't be difficult to purchase at all if you focus your search efforts on blades with the right properties from the beginning. This way, you should be able to look forward to optimal cutting long-term. To learn more, contact a company like Kopess Manufacturing Inc.