Tips for Getting the Best Results From Silicone Coatings When Finishing Products in Your Manufacturing Facility

6 August 2021
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You might have decided that you want to use a silicone coating to finish the products made in your manufacturing facility. If this is the case, it might be because you have done your research and have read that silicone can be great when used on a multitude of different products and materials, and you might have decided that it's a rather budget-friendly option, too. Of course, you are probably hoping to get the best possible results from using silicone coatings in your manufacturing facility, and you could be wondering if there is anything specific that you can do so that you can get great results. Luckily, these tips should help.

Buy the Right Silicone Coating

Make sure that you buy the right silicone coating. You will probably want to choose one that is designed for industrial finishing products since this can help you ensure that you are using a high-quality and durable silicone coating. Additionally, you should check out options like shiny or matte finishes, depending on the look that you are going for. If you want the silicone coating to be virtually invisible, then a matte option might make the most sense. If you would like for your products to have a nice, shiny look, on the other hand, adding a shiny silicone coating might make the most sense.

Apply to a Clean and Dry Surface

You should make sure that you properly prepare the surface that you are going to be coating before you apply your silicone coating. For example, you will want to make sure that you clean the surface to get rid of any dust or dirt. Then make sure that the surface is completely dry before you add the silicone coating. This can help you ensure that the silicone coating looks even and smooth when added to your product, and it can help you ensure that the silicone coating is able to stick to the surface properly.

Use the Right Application Method

Follow the instructions for your silicone coating to make sure that you are using the right application method. In many cases, you can use a sprayer to apply silicone coatings, but in some cases, applying it with a paintbrush makes the most sense. This depends on the coating that you use and the item that you are finishing.

Allow for Ample Drying Time

As is the case with pretty much any type of coating or finishing product that you apply, you will have to allow a proper drying time when you apply silicone coatings to the products that you make in your business. This will typically vary based on the type of coating you are using and the amount of coating that you add to your item, but the instructions that came with your silicone coating product should give you some insight, too.

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