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The Pros & Cons of High-Velocity Fans in a Woodworking Shop

There are a lot of good reasons to invest in a fan for your woodworking shop, from eliminating all of those wood dust particles in the air to keeping the temperature cooler. You will have a lot of different options to pick from, but there is no question that a high-velocity industrial-grade model is going to catch your eye. Check out the pros and cons of these units to help you decide if this is the best option. 

Pro: The fan will not break down because of a high concentration of dust in the air. 

One of the big advantages of going ahead and investing in a high-velocity industrial-grade fan is the fact that it will not break down as easily as a regular fan would. These fans are designed to combat even large amounts of dust particles. The center motor is completely encapsulated so no dust can slip through. Plus, the air is moving through at such a high rate of speed that most particles would be pushed through anyway. 

Con: The fan will likely be pretty large, so it may take up some space. 

High-velocity industrial fans tend to be rather large with a fairly sizable footprint. If you need the fan positioned on the floor, having so much space taken up can be problematic if you have a small shop. However, there are high-velocity fans that can be mounted from the ceiling or integrated into a wall as well if space is a major concern. 

Pro: High-velocity fans will move a lot of air within the space. 

If you have a large and powerful fan in your woodworking shop, you are probably only going to need just the one. These fans are superb at air circulation because the fan blades turn at such a high rate of speed. They are capable of pulling air through them from throughout the building, especially if they are positioned in the right place. 

Con: Your industrial-grade fan is going to be a costlier investment. 

You can go out and pick up a basic shop fan and not spend a lot of money, but if you are going for a true industrial-grade model that boasts high velocity, you will pay a bit more for the investment. Of course, this more expensive fan is going to serve your workshop better and will most definitely last longer. Some of these fans come with generous warranties upon purchase from the manufacturer. 

For more information, reach out to an industrial fan supplier.

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