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2 Mistakes to Avoid When Operating a Mechanical Milling Machine

If you will be using a mechanical milling machine for the first time at the factory in which you work, you may be going through the instructions and learning how to operate the equipment. However, while you are finding out how to run the machinery, it is also just as important to know what not to do so that you can avoid making the following mistakes.

1.  Neglecting to Ensure Proper Ventilation

The first mistake that you must not make while running the milling machine is not ensuring that there is proper ventilation in the room in which you will be working. While the machine is grinding the surface of the metal pieces, dust that contains tiny metal shards is produced.

If you have neglected to make sure the windows are open, the ventilation system is running, and a fan is on, this dust will start to permeate the air. Even if you are wearing the proper personal protection equipment, such as a respirator, glasses, and gloves, you still run the risk of either breathing in this dust when you remove the equipment or having the metal pierce your skin or eyes.

2.  Making Adjustments to the Base While the Machine Is Running

Another mistake that you should avoid at all costs is making any adjustments to the machine's base while it is in operation. Typically, a wood slab is set between the milling machine and the table on which you are working, then all three layers are anchored together.

While you are operating the machine, it or the wood slab may shift. To save time, you may be tempted to simply push on one of the corners to realign the layers. However, doing so could result in catastrophe for either you or the equipment.

If you push the machine while the cutters are rotating, there is a chance that the top of the equipment may tilt. If you are standing in its path, you could be seriously cut. And, even if you are not injured, the momentum of the falling machine could make it hit the floor, which would damage both the equipment and the floor.

Before making any adjustments, make sure you turn off the machine. As an added safety measure, unplug it while you are moving it around to keep it from being accidentally turned back on.

Avoiding the above mistakes while operating the equipment can help keep you and your coworkers safe, as well as help prevent damage to the machine. For more information about any safety features or procedures for your factory's particular mechanical milling machine, contact an industrial equipment supplier, like Allied High Tech.

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