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Improve Worker Safety With Anti-Impact Gloves

A lot of the injuries that workers sustain in the field are to the hands and fingers. Many of these injuries are directly related to the operation of machines that create a significant amount of vibration during operation.

Anti-impact gloves can offer your workers the protection they need to avoid serious injuries in the future. Selecting the gloves that can offer protection against the specific threats your workers face is critical in eliminating hand- and finger-related claims.

Check for Flexibility

Anti-impact gloves are equipped with thermoplastic rubber across the back of the hand. This hard rubber helps to absorb the vibrations that are transmitted from machine to hand while an employee operates heavy machinery.

You want to ensure that the protective gloves you provide for your workers are comfortable, otherwise workers will be less likely to wear the gloves in the field. Only purchase anti-impact gloves with multiple flex points in the thermoplastic rubber to ensure maximum dexterity and flexibility.

Check Thermoplastic Adhesion

Another important characteristic to look for when you are selecting anti-impact gloves for your workers is the type of adhesion used to connect the thermoplastic rubber to the body of the glove. A strong adhesive is required to guarantee the gloves will be able to stand up to the demands that workers face in the field.

Try tugging at the thermoplastic rubber on each potential type of glove before making a final purchase. If you can loosen the rubber even a little, this is an indication that the gloves will likely wear out and fail quickly. Opt for anti-impact gloves with a sturdy design to reduce replacement costs in the future.

Check Grip

In addition to providing protection against vibration injuries, anti-impact gloves must enhance a worker's grip while in the field.

Employers often make the mistake of testing the grip of gloves when they are dry. The environment in which workers operate can be filled with hazardous substances; water, oil, and grease can alter the amount of grip on anti-impact gloves.

Test potential gloves when they are dry and when they are saturated to ensure your workers will be able to maintain proper grip no matter the environmental circumstances that may exist in the field.

You can improve the safety and performance of your workers by investing in metacarpal impact gloves. These gloves will prevent injury and help increase productivity by protecting your workers' hands and fingers against serious impact-related injuries.

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