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Have A Product—Now What? The Next Steps In Getting Your Product To Market

You have just mass-produced an item you think consumers will go nuts for. There is just one problem; you forgot that you need to get it to markets and distribute it, among other things. What you need now is product handling services, and fast. Here is what these services entail.


​That is a face-palm moment right there. While some products can be sold without any packaging, your product cannot. It is not a new spatula or serving fork; it is larger and should be boxed. Thankfully, packaging is just one of many services offered, and the first service to consider, when you hire a company that specializes in product handling.


​Shipping twelve-score products to three local destinations was not on your mind when your factory was busy churning out this new product. Now you are looking at tons of boxed products and trying to figure out how best to ship them. You have dozens more product that need boxing and shipping that are coming off the assembly line as you speak. Rather than worry about this and that, the product handlers can manage this aspect of your product distribution as well. Send all of your boxed product, or unboxed product, to the product handlers. They will box it all and then ship it for less than you might expect.


​Packaging and shipping are just your first two biggest concerns after you have successfully produced a lot of your new product. Now you need promotions and promotional materials. This includes signs, coupon distributors that hook onto the store shelves, or cardboard displays that advertise what the product is and does. Some product handlers have in-house graphic designers and marketers that can help with this step.

Product Storage

​So, what happens when you over-produce a product? Maybe you want to store extra product and ship on demand? Sometimes manufacturers want to promote a product but then not release it until a certain holiday season. Whatever the reason, you now want to store extra product in a warehouse. No problem; the product handling company you hired to do one or all of the above can also store your extra or later-released product for you. Stamp all of those product packages with a "release and ship to store" date, and then the warehouse holds onto the pallets of product until it is time to ship them off to the local stores.

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