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Keep It Clean: How To Keep Your Industrial Vacuum In Tip-Top Shape

If you're in the hospitality industry, your business relies on cleanliness. That's why it's so important that you have the right equipment. Vacuums are an essential piece of equipment that you can't afford to do without, especially when you run a hotel or spa. When cleanliness matters, you need to invest in a Windsor sensor vacuum. Your Windsor vacuum will make sure that all the dirt and debris is removed from your flooring. However, you do need to ensure that your vacuum is always in tiptop shape. Here are four crucial steps that will help you maintain the efficiency of your vacuum.

Check Cord for Pigtailing

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your industrial vacuum, you've got to start with the power cord. You're not going to get any power at all if your cord is damaged. First, always check your cord for signs of fraying, which can leave you with exposed electrical wires. Next, be sure that your power cord hasn't pigtailed, which is the tight curling that can occur when you wind the cord improperly. Pig-\tailing can crimp the internal electrical wires, cutting the power supply off to your vacuum. To avoid pigtailing, always unplug your power cord before winding it up, and always start winding from the vacuum housing.

Maintain Proper Air Flow

If you lose air flow to your vacuum, you're going to end up with more dirt on the floor than in the bag. A loss of air flow can be caused by a couple of things. First, if your dust bag is filled, you're going to lose air flow. Second, if your dust bag is damaged, you won't get proper air flow. Finally, clogs in the hoses can also lead to a loss of air flow. If you've lost air flow to your vacuum, check the bag and the hose for obstruction and damage.

Clear the Agitation Brush

When you rely on your industrial vacuum, you need to make sure that the agitation brush stays clean. Unfortunately, hair and other debris can get caught in the bristles, which will prevent your vacuum from working properly. If your vacuum is leaving dirt and debris on the floor, and you've checked for issues with air flow, it's time to clear the agitation brush. Remove it from the brush housing and clear all the hair and debris from the bristles.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

If you haven't scheduled routine maintenance for your industrial vacuum, you need to do that right away. The monthly service that you conduct on your own is fine for basic maintenance. However, to keep your vacuum running efficiently and to avoid warranty issues, you need to remember the professional maintenance as well. 

For information on Windsor sensor vacuum parts and other replacement parts, check with a local supplier today.

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