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CNC Plasma Cutter Basics: Choosing One And Keeping Your Facility Safe

When you operate a manufacturing or production facility, one of the things that you may have decided to invest in is a CNC plasma cutter. If you are getting ready to buy your first one, it's a whole new adventure and a purchase process that requires a lot of consideration. You need to understand both why these machines can be beneficial, as well as how to deal with some of the safety concerns that come with these tables. Here's a look at some of the things you need to know.

Why Should You Invest In CNC Plasma Cutters?

CNC plasma-cutting machines are a popular investment for production facilities. When you know why they are beneficial, you will better understand why the investment is worth it.

For example, one of the reasons why many production facilities invest in CNC machines is because of their safety. These machines are automated, which eliminates the human factor of one of your workers physically handling the plasma gun. That helps to reduce the risk of any injuries during production.

In addition, plasma cutters reduce your production time significantly. The machines don't require time to heat up, and the automation ensures consistent production times. Since the plasma torch cuts through almost every type of material, you're able to ensure a consistent production schedule no matter what you're crafting.

Since these plasma cutters are programmable, they automate things for consistency. You'll be able to complete your production with precise, consistent cuts every time. You will eliminate the material waste and lost time caused by production errors with inaccurate or uneven cuts, saving your company money over time.

What Safety Considerations Are There?

When you install a CNC plasma cutter in your facility, you need to consider some safety issues during installation. The biggest thing you have to consider is how to deal with the fumes produced by the cutter. Plasma cutters create toxic fumes, and those fumes must be properly addressed to protect your staff.

Start with establishing an exhaust system to draw fumes out of the facility. Invest in a ventilation system that allows you to draw the air out of the facility and simultaneously pull air in from outside. That way, you are replacing the contaminated air with fresh air while pulling the fumes out instead of just diluting them.

Another key part of addressing the fumes from your plasma cutter comes from how you choose the cutter table. Invest in a downdraft table for your cutter or a water table if you prefer. Downdraft tables are ideal because they are enclosed units that connect directly to the ventilation system. That way, there's no exposure of the exhaust fumes in the building itself.

Water tables, on the other hand, are a bit different. They are cutting tables that feature a water-filled cutting table. All of the actual cutting happens under the surface of that water, so there are no fumes being released into the air at all. Instead, the fumes are exhausted into the water. You simply cycle the water through a purification process, then dispose of it afterward. This is a great choice if you don't have the ability to modify the ventilation system in the building to be able to connect an exhaust vent to the table itself.

When you are looking to enhance your production, ensure consistency in your manufacturing, and save your company money, investing in a CNC plasma cutter is a great option. Just remember that you need to make sure your facility is safe for your staff by ensuring that the exhaust fumes don't contaminate your manufacturing plant or affect your workers.

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