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Six Mistakes That Can Detract From The Functioning Of Gate Valves

Simply choosing high quality gate valves is not the only thing you need to do to optimize valve operation in your industrial operation. You also need to maintain and use NEWCO cast gate valves properly to avoid malfunctions.

The following are six mistakes you need to avoid at your facility to take advantage of gate valve operation that's as reliable and efficient as possible:

Allowing gate valve components to become corroded

One of the biggest problems that can develop in gate valves over time is corrosion. Corrosion can lead to binding or galling issues in gate valve operation. This will make it difficult to move gate valves.

Gate valves should be treated with some corrosion resistant coating. They should also be periodically inspected for any corrosion problems. Keeping corrosion-causing debris out of gate valves by using stem covers, gaskets, and O-rings is important.

Failing to cycle valves frequently enough

Cycling valves involves opening and closing them so that their operation is tested. Cycling helps to clean out valves and pipes. Cycling multiple times per year is ideal where possible to keep things flowing smoothly.

Leaving accumulated debris and sediment in pipes

Over time, debris will inevitably build up in pipes. However, it's important to make an effort to minimize debris by carefully executing any repairs or installations of valves or other parts of the system. 

While sediment build up will happen, exercising valves regularly can prevent debris from solidifying and creating obstructions in pipes.

Neglecting adjustments to the valve box

Maintaining a valve box should include periodically raising its level so that it is live with the grade. This will ensure that the box stays accessible even when asphalt is built up around the valve box location. 

If the valve box becomes buried in blacktop, this situation can necessitate costly and unnecessary work when blacktop must be broken through to restore valve box access.

Having gate valves installed horizontally

Vertical installations typically function more efficiently and make operation more simple. Vertical installations are more efficient because they make it so that gravity helps to do some of the work.

While horizontal installations might be unavoidable in some cases because of site setup, you should always choose vertical installations whenever possible.

Using boxes or vaults that are too small

Larger boxes tend to make it easier to execute change-outs of the stem without having to perform any excavation work. It's therefore a good idea to opt for larger valve boxes or concrete vaults whenever it's feasible to do so.

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