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Monitoring Criminal Activity In A Retail Store

Retail stores are highly targeted by criminals, as they often burglarize them to steal merchandise and money. Criminals are even known for committing their crimes in broad daylight during the hours in which retail stores are open and filled with customers. The best step that you can take against burglars is catching them in action before they are able to do anything serious. You can monitor the activity on the interior and exterior of your building by hiring security guards and taking other measures. Continue reading this article to for more information about protecting your retails store from criminals.

Purchase CCTV Cameras & Commercial Cabling

CCTV cameras are a worthy investment for your retail store, as they will allow you to monitor all activity from one room. If you don't want to spend a lot of money but want a quality surveillance, opt for one that is used. Just keep in mind that you might also need commercial cables for installing the system. The type of cabling that is needed will depend on the model of system, as well as where you intend to place the cameras. A dealer that sells CCTV system cables should be able to help you choose the right kind for your specific needs.

Invest in Heavy Entry Doors

The type of entry doors that your store has plays a major role in security. If the doors are the type that are lightweight and easy to open, criminals will e able to escape faster after committing crimes. It is a good idea to replace lightweight entry doors with ones that are heavy and requires more effort to open. The perk of having heavyweight doors is that they open very slowly, which can make increase the chance of capturing fleeing thieves. There are a variety of heavy door styles that you can choose between for adding extra security.

Employ Secret Shoppers to Spy

Thieves try to commit their crimes in a sneaky manner in most cases, especially if they are only trying to steal something minor. The best way to capture such thieves is via spies that are disguised as customers in your store. You can employ a few people to pretend to be customers but are actually there to monitor the activity of anyone who appears to be suspicious. Just ensure that your secret shoppers are trained to not harass customers based on a suspicion, as it can turn into a more serious situation.

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